Friday, March 6, 2015


Hi. A simple word used in many sentences, some people like to change up the word and say “hey” or “what's up” but the word Hi is still there u might not hear it or see it but its there,you might say it to random people on the street or you might say it to some of your friends but you say the word hi every day and it never goes away.Why doesn't it ever go away,what if everyone said something other than hi or just didn't greet anyone again,what if people didn't even talk to anyone and everyone was in their own little world well it's what people say when they want to start a conversation or just would like to be polite.To start a conversation is comunicating and comunicating is the best part in our life because without comunicating whats the point in anything we might as well just sleep for eternity.To be polite is different,when your being polite you are respecting that person even if you dont know that person or if you just met them but you still respect them.Its the same with hi when you say hi 6you are being polite and you are starting a conversation with this person or people,you are comunicating and comunicating is life so HI is life because without HI there is goodby.
This has been a poem called A WORD USED EVERYDAY
By: Mackenzie Mae Wells

Authors perspective:
My name is Mackenzie Mae Wells and I am 12 years old and my birthday is August 18 2002.I needed to put this out there because not everyone knows the meaning of words even if they are nice words but especially if they are mean words,if anyone is reading this then don't ever bully because some people may take word seriously.If you every bully obviously you can’t take back what you did or what you said but you can help that person out if you don’t it will haunt you for life.

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